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MyLawyer.com's network of  "virtual law firms" takes advantage of the latest, cutting-edge Web technologies.  It's a concept we've been working on for the last decade and is the result of years of painstaking research. We've gathered opinions, studied surveys and pored over feedback to understand what YOU need when it comes to your legal matters.

You Want... MyLawyer's Virtual Law Firm Network Provides...
To know exactly how much it will cost -- no hidden fees. Reasonable, fixed-fee pricing of legal documents which include legal advice.
To benefit from the advances in legal technology. The cost savings realized when a law firm offers online legal services are passed on to you in the form of lower legal fees.  You don't pay for expensive offices or the over-staffing of many traditional law firms.
To save money but still have the peace of mind that comes with the advice and support from a trusted law firm. The legal advice and assistance you'd expect from a lawyer licensed in your state, who has also learned how to provide you with cost-effective legal services by using the power of the Internet.
Access to legal services and legal documents where you can see what you are getting for what you pay. Select what you want from a pre-priced "menu of services."  No surprise legal invoices will show up in your mailbox.
Easy, online access to your legal documents and info related to your legal matters, plus a variety of other legal services if needed. Options for purchasing legal services such as Legal Advice by Telephone or E-mail, Legal Document Review, and Court Coaching - all for a fixed fee.
To be able to get complex advice and/or full representation if needed - at affordable hourly rates and with the same law firm - start to finish. The ability at any time to move from a fixed-fee service to being provided with complex advice, at an affordable hourly rate, with the ability to speak with your lawyer over the phone or even visit the law firm's office for a face-to-face meeting.

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